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Embracing Identity Shifting to Overcome Resistance

Apr 01, 2024

Overcoming resistance to change isn't just about adopting new behaviors. It's actually about fundamentally altering the underlying lenses through which we view ourselves and our capabilities.

Identity shifting is a profound process that targets these lenses—the ingrained beliefs and rules that define our psychological "set points."

Understanding Lenses and Set Points:

  • Lenses: These are the deeply held beliefs and rules that shape our perceptions and responses. For example, if you hold the belief that "money is the root of all evil," this lens impacts how you interact with wealth and success.
  • Set Points: Arising from these lenses, set points are the thresholds within which we operate comfortably. They are the accepted realities or expectations based on our lenses. For instance, if your set point for income is capped at a certain level due to negative beliefs about wealth, you might subconsciously sabotage opportunities that could lead to greater financial success.

How Identity Shifting Works:

  1. Identify the Negative Lens: The first step in identity shifting is recognizing the negative lenses that are dictating your behavior patterns. This might involve reflecting on your core beliefs about success, relationships, self-worth, or any other critical area of life.

  2. Challenge and Shift the Lens: Once identified, the work begins to challenge and shift these lenses. Rather than using sheer willpower to change behaviors, identity shifting focuses on altering the belief itself. This is a faster and more effective approach because it gets to the root of the behavior.

  3. Alter the Set Point: Changing the lens naturally alters the set point. When you change your beliefs about what is possible or desirable, your behaviors and emotions adjust to align with this new reality. This shift is immediate and can dramatically transform your life's trajectory.

  4. Transform Patterns: With the lens and set point shifted, the long-standing patterns of thought, emotion, and action begin to change. This transformation is not about temporary adjustments but about permanent changes in how you live and perceive the world.

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Example in Action:

  • Before Identity Shifting:

    • Lens: Belief that success only comes from relentless, exhausting effort.
    • Set Point: High stress and moderate achievement, with frequent burnout.
    • Pattern: Overworking, neglecting personal health and relationships.
  • After Identity Shifting:

    • New Lens: Belief that success can come from alignment and flow, not just effort.
    • New Set Point: Achieving success with balance and well-being.
    • New Pattern: Working efficiently, prioritizing health, and enjoying meaningful success.

The Impact of Identity Shifting

By addressing and altering the foundational lenses and set points, identity shifting offers a pathway to not just overcome resistance to change but to embrace it as a natural and enjoyable part of life. It allows individuals to break free from self-sabotage and autopilot living, enabling a life of intention, fulfillment, and true success.

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