Hey, I'm Rob Scott. 

I’m a coach who helps people shift, and dramatically break through.

Is there a part of you that knows you want to change, and you know it’d be better for you if you did, and yet you still don’t do it?

Maybe you feel unfulfilled, like you’re never really going to be able to live out your dreams.

Or maybe you’re struggling to succeed to the level you really want. You’d like to impact the world in a big way, but on some level you just feel stuck...

The "About Rob" Episode


Humanity Has a Core Problem... 

And chances are you’ve got this problem and you don’t even know it. The problem is the limit of our current identity.  Let me explain: Whatever results you have in life are precisely because you think that’s what you deserve.  If you make $100k, that’s because you have a $100k mentality. If people always violate your trust, it’s because you have a mentality that invites that.

See, those people that are getting the results that you want, they literally think different thoughts. They take different actions, they have different habits and behaviors.  And if I ask people why they don’t do those things, they answer, “I’m on my way to becoming like them,” but they don’t realize they’re trying to live a $1M lifestyle with a $100k mentality.

So to change and really get dramatically different results in our life, we need to change our very identity. We literally need to become someone new, and we resist this very deeply.


We Need to Change Our Very Identity

I’m someone that helps people break through, change, and literally evolve their consciousness. This is beyond just mindset shifting. I shift your very identity and I’m world-class at this.

I shift people who think they’ll never be successful entrepreneurs and turn them into massively successful entrepreneurs. I shift people who think they’ll never have success and turn them into incredible success stories.

Let me tell you a story about somebody who I helped shift long ago and explain what huge results this can lead to. But I want to warn you, the beginning of this story is pretty graphic.

This person I worked with had been violently and repeatedly raped from the age of three to around eight years old. This left him feeling completely empty. So full of shame, it was incredibly difficult for him to feel safe or trust anybody at all. In fact, to deal with this trauma, this young boy’s brain almost split into multiple personalities so that he could detach and protect himself when he was being seriously abused.

As you might imagine, he turned to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain, trying drugs as early as seven years old. By his late teens and early 20’s, it had gotten so bad that he was in and out of jails, institutions, halfway houses and he ended up homeless, and living on the streets.


"He Was Failing at Everything…"

He was failing at everything, his entire life was a mess and after all he’d been through, he had every reason to hate the world. But he finally realized if he didn’t change, he was going to die.

This is when I helped him have a simple mindset shift that changed everything.  He realized that for a long time it was his mindset that had been the biggest problem he faced.  In that one moment, we changed his very identity, and what happened next was incredible.

First thing he did was get a simple temp job, and with this new perspective, he got promotions really fast.

In just a few years, he went from homeless, all the way to becoming the  youngest vice president at a company in Philadelphia. He had no credentials, no college degree, no nothing, just knowing how to create value and manage himself and others.

Around 2005, he started a podcast to share his ideas on how to change, and thousands of people all over the world started signing up. They started asking him for coaching and his most important career began.


(This Person is Me...)

You see, this person is me and I’ve spent the last decade and a half of my life working with hundreds of thousands of people, shifting their identities. Showing them how to evolve their consciousness and get incredible results across all areas of their businesses, their health, their relationships, and their entire lives.

I personally have been awake now for more than thirty years, and I’ve been professionally helping others wake up for more than fifteen.

I help my clients to build huge businesses. I’ve helped craft congressional testimony multiple times which has lead to national policy reform here in America. I have thousands of followers that I’m blessed to interact with. I’m the coach other coaches come to in order to shift themselves and to learn how to do even deeper work with their clients.

People that work with me have massive breakthroughs of more money, more health, more time and quite simply, more happiness and fulfillment.

I want to share with you how fulfilled I am able to be in my life right now. I’m literally living the dream. I’m deeply present, I love my work and thankfully, I’m really successful at it.



I Can Help You Change...

If I can come from the depths of dysfunction, after years of rape, abuse, addiction, and homelessness – the things most people don’t survive let alone thrive from – and create this kind of success for myself and for others – then you can shift into your next level too.

My name is Rob Scott, and nothing would make me happier than helping you shift, and achieve all the results you want in your life. If I can help you with anything at all, please let me know.  Be well, and I hope to talk with you soon.


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