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Identity Shifting is rooted in the understanding of your unique "set points" and the universal structure of psychological change. Our coaching method recognizes & dismantles your limiting beliefs that have felt permanent & unchangeable, and replaces them with empowering truths, embedded deep in your subconscious, that redefine your self concept and profoundly shift how you experience your life.

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Searching for Something More...

But you don't know where to start?

You're probably feeling lost and uninspired and have tried all kinds of personal development programs that haven't stuck.

It's hard to feel confident when you've been struggling with self-doubt and insecurity, and it feels like no matter how hard you try, you can't escape your own mind. But who you are is not static!

Or maybe you're feeling stuck on a treadmill of time. No matter what benchmark you hit or what your achievements are, there's an empty feeling in your chest.

You do everything you are "supposed to do," and yet it still feels like something is missing. You'll never quite get to where you're try to go, and that's leaving you feeling directionless and second guessing each decision you've made.

You can change who you are...

There are unconscious systems that govern some of the most important areas of your life. Including your ability to:

  • Make and stick to important decisions
  • Achieve your goals
  • Control difficult feelings
  • Follow through on the kinds of habits and behaviors you want

But sadly, you didn't choose how your unconscious mind got "programmed."

What you many not realize is, tons of seemingly different limits you experience are deep down in your subconscious, and they are all driven by one thing:

Your unconscious self concept. (Also known as your Identity.)

Changing yourself in any meaning way, requires changing the structure of your identity. This happens to you all the time unconsciously. This process shows you how to edit it CONSCIOUSLY.

There is a process that can optimize your life in profound ways...

Something that will allow you to:

  • Clean up whatever mess you're dealing with now and remove your ingrained limits
  • Create a positive and permanent change in who you are and how you feel

This process goes beyond traditional therapy and other forms of coaching and personal development which often focus on navigating through or around set points and patterns.

Identity Shifting offers a new path — the ability to step outside your narrative and view your identity as something you can objectively edit and transform.

It may not feel like you can "edit yourself" but you really can. You'll most likely be shocked when you discover how easy it is to do this. I discovered this over 30 years ago, and have been honing and refining these techniques ever since.

We use cutting-edge technology in psychology and neuroscience to help people identify and breakthrough their deepest hidden limits.

Then we show you how to master your conscious psychological "self." And then permanently shift your unconscious sense of self, which is what actually shifts your identity.

Identity Shifting helps you reshape your subconscious, and help you shift your “set point,” creating new patterns of success you can put on autopilot.

"I couldn't recommend this more..."


Amber H.

Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine & Functional Medicine

"This is by far the most profound coaching experience... My identity has completely shifted. I think that was a genius and very appropriate name for the mastermind, because that's exactly what happened..."


They are features of your brain design, meant to streamline your life.

The key to your success or failure is directly related to the "Set Point" of your self concept...


If you’re feeling trapped by invisible barriers, and sensing there’s something fundamentally wrong, you’re probably right.

It’s possible, your "set point" is not optimized.

Causing you to cycle through the same problems, creating the patterns of limiting behaviors you struggle with every day.

These patterns are not flaws in your character, they’re features of your brain’s design, meant to streamline your existence.

But when these patterns start controlling you instead of the other way around, it’s easy to feel trapped in a cycle of behaviors that don’t serve your true potential. 

Our coaching program is designed to illuminate and transform these patterns. 

By bringing them into the light, we show you how to shift from feeling controlled by your patterns to being in command of them. We delve deep into the fabric of your being, identifying the patterns that define your set point and reshaping them to align with the life you aspire to live.

Imagine a world where changing your life is not about brute force willpower, but about understanding and harnessing the patterns that drive your every thought, feeling, and action.

These persistent patterns create a “set point,” deep down in our core, causing us to mistake our limits as being intrinsic to who we are. 

It's the silent force that becomes the benchmark for how much money you think you can make, how you receive compliments from others, and what capabilities you think are even possible. 

It can mean the difference between success and continual frustration with your goals. Even when you know exactly what you need to do, a low set point can keep you from ever doing it.

This blueprint to your success or failure lies deep in your unconscious and creates the foundation of your identity. 

It's likely that this master key is invisible to you. It's hidden beneath layers of routine and rationalization, and you’re stuck with no idea how to shift it.

But here’s what’s so counterintuitive… 

This autopilot feature is not a flaw in your character, it’s actually a quality in your brain’s design, meant to streamline your life. 

This trait is a double-edged sword.

While sometimes keeping us locked in a loop of unhelpful behavior, it can also be used as a brilliant mechanism for efficiency and success, turning powerful actions and desirable thoughts into effortless routines. 

What if you could define your “set point” as whatever you want it to be?

And then use your autopilot feature to “set it and forget it," so that your best thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes just happened without effort, leaving you feeling liberated, fulfilled, and powerful all the time?

If you're not ready to start exploring and changing your patterns, this is not for you. 

But if you can see the value in confronting your patterns and know they're keeping you stuck playing small, self sabotaging, and ultimately feeling worthless day after day, then you need this.

While the self is formed from past experiences, it’s not fixed. True change happens if you can alter the core "set point" that dictates your life.


Our coaching mission is to evolve consciousness by shifting from ‘what to think’ to ‘how to think." Identity Shifting is rooted in the understanding that while our experiences are uniquely our own, the structure through which we process & internalize them is universal. By learning to detach from and observe this structure, we gain unprecedented control over our internal narrative, shifting outcomes, feelings, and behaviors.

Identity Shifting Coaching


Delivered in 3 Powerful Phases...

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Phase 1: Breakthrough Your Deepest Limits

Breakthrough your deepest limits and Recode your mind.

Often we’re limited by our beliefs about what we can do, and those limits keep us stuck under invisible ceilings. Our job is to show you what’s actually possible (and it’s way more than you think).

Sometimes you need others to help you see what you can’t see. Even the best brain surgeons can’t operate on themselves. Use our coaching, tools, and techniques to breakthrough your invisible limits.

Phase 2: Master The Self

Change the core of who you are using the skill of Identity Shifting.

This is the universal solution to help you live a happier, confident, and fulfilled life. This process immediately facilitates increased self-confidence, purposeful behaviors, and enhanced relationships.

Discover how to perfectly balance the "art of fulfillment" and the "science of success,” so you can stop the overwhelm and find inner peace. At the same time apply masterful thinking to the most important areas of your life.

Phase 3: Shift Your Identity

Master the Fundamental Shift and put all the change on autopilot.

Transcend the “self” by experiencing The Fundamental Shift. Learn how to be with the beauty of “what is.” It's the moment when you transcend conditioned thinking and realize your true essence beyond limiting beliefs.

Experience a total evolution in your consciousness by discovering how to hold the paradox of good and bad, and dropping attachments. Those that reach this level understand where suffering comes from and how to stop it for good.

Here's How We're Different...

We create holistic transformation.

We utilize thought as a tool instead of a barrier to your success.

You can use your autopilot mind to create superpowers, not limits. It's not knowing what to think, it's learning how to think. This change creates both the art of fulfillment and the science of success.

We work on changing the subconscious.

Discover the "10 Minute Repatterning Method" to change your subconscious.

Not a quick fix but a profound exploration into the depths of your subconscious. Uncover invisible issues outside your awareness. Understand how shifting subconscious patterns can create success.

We create change at the level of  your identity.

You're not just discovering new concepts, you're becoming them!

Experience an evolution in your consciousness. It's the embodiment of actually changing, not just knowing what needs change. We transform you at the root level of your identity, not just addressing the symptoms of your problems.

We offer counterintuitive solutions.

Create long lasting change that happens in a short mount of time. 

Explore how focusing on shifting the internal aspects can be the way to get external results. Experience how leaving what you know can actually create more wisdom and freedom in your life.

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Here's What Some Past Clients Had to Say...


"This course opened up a new world...

I'm really impressed. And still cannot wrap my head around how Rob can take something very complicated, and kind of abstract, and make it very logical and easy to explain and implement. I feel that I became so much more present and I realized things that I did not know before...

I would recommend this to anyone!"


"Before the program I was stuck as a person. My identity was stuck...

I was this person who... could never amount to anything. All of those weird negative beliefs. But my identity has evolved. I look back and I think... I was thinking these things? I was 'this person' for so long, and I felt like I couldn't change... 

I really didn't believe that you could change your identity, but here I am. It's been great!"


"If you want to grow as a person...

Having the framework of this program, and really having somebody who understands, and who has worked with multiple people like you who have gone through similar problems, is really crucial. You need a community. You need to reach out and get help from experts... 

Rob will put you in a community... who will be there to support you and keep you accountable."


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"This should be taught in school for everyone to go through..."


Daniel B.

System Developer at Technology Providers Inc

"It's like somebody who like turn on the lights, and now you know what's going on... I would recommend to everyone to just jump in. Don't even doubt... You won't regret this..."

Get Started Today So You Can...

Hey there, I'm Rob.

As the creator of the Repatterning process, my journey is rooted in a profound understanding of the intricate web of beliefs that shape our lives. Having navigated through life's formidable challenges - abuse, addiction, and a battle with cancer - I experienced a fundamental shift in my own perspective. 

This transformation wasn't just about surviving, it was about understanding the core mechanisms that dictate our identity and how to fundamentally alter them.

My expertise lies in identifying and transforming your deepest core limits. Theses ingrained narratives that dictate how we perceive ourselves and interact with the world. Through my journey, I've developed a keen insight into pinpointing these critical beliefs and, more importantly, creating a simple process to repattern them effectively.

We often recognize the need for change but grapple with the 'how.' It's not just about altering a particular behavior or thought, it's about recognizing the higher leverage transformation available - a shift in the subconscious.

This is where my coaching transcends the ordinary. It's not just about identifying a problem, it's about learning the unique system to unravel the intricate network of beliefs that support it - so you can become profoundly different. My skill lies in discerning these core limits and understanding how they propagate a web of subsidiary limits, each reinforcing the other.

My own awakening, realizing I was no longer a victim, was a profound shift in my identity, not just a change in thought or behavior. This fundamental shift is what I bring to my coaching. It's about guiding you to your fundamental shift, helping you to 'wake up' to your true potential, and equipping you with the tools to maintain this new state of being.

Together, we'll not only identify and shift your core limits but also transform them into your greatest strengths.

What Kind of People Sign Up For This?

And people like these...


Start Identity Shifting Now

Every step you take in this program is specifically crafted to resonate with your unique story. This personalized understanding allows us to tailor our coaching to fit you perfectly, making every strategy, every insight, and every intervention relevant to your big goals and success.
Our approach, refined through years of experience, is your gateway to a redefined life. We specialize in turning the vision of a reshaped subconscious into your new reality.



Why is this coaching so effective?

The short answer: It's different than therapy, and other coaching...

While there are good therapists and coaches out there, great ones are actually pretty rare. And this is fundamentally different in many ways...

Therapy, as an example, is often predominantly "past based." 

Meaning you work on what's happened to you in the past, and try to understand it and accept it.

That can be really helpful, and you may need that. But it doesn't address the future, and accomplishing your big goals in the same way that coaching can...

Coaching is often better for some people because it's normally "future based."

But in the same way therapy doesn't address the future, coaching often doesn't address the past. 

Coaches may claim they know how to address issues in your past, but often can't in any meaningful way that lasts...

Identity Shifting is instead "Holistically Self Based."

Which includes your past, your future, and most importantly your present.

To really change your sense of self you're going to need to what Identity Shifting can do. Which includes:

  • Changing how you feel, and your behaviors, now and in the future
  • Healing your past (often more deeply and faster than even the best therapy out there)
  • Create a clear plan, and then execute on it, to create an incredible future (better and more effectively than most coaching out there)
  • And most importantly, master the only place you have real agency, which is in this moment. Creating a profoundly different relationship to THE NOW (better and faster than a monastery can)

With Identity Shifting, you end up healed, happy, purposeful, productive, and effective. All so that you can be filled with joy and purpose and live the rest of your life fully embodied (and maybe even enlightened).

Here's What Some More Past Clients Had to Say...

Paul R.

"The one thing this program has allowed me to see is, you can literally change any part of your life if you choose to take action with it...

It's scary to take action, but once you’re over that initial step of getting on the program and getting with it, it’s literally life changing...

It’s a pivotal moment in my life."

Alexandra C.

"Rob talks the talk, and walks the walk...

He is an incredible example of what we can do when we really work with ourselves, not against ourselves. When we tap into the control we have over our emotions and our thoughts. When we really give ourselves the time to do things like meditation and learn about our lenses and...

Learn how to show up like the people we want to be."

Justin B.

"I immediately knew that one week in this was going to be a transformational course...

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is opened to life transformation and not afraid to look at those areas. Ultimately when you do that, it transforms everything in your life...

Everything around you changes."


Frequently Asked Questions

"If you're unhappy with anything, do this program..."


Darcy S.

Lead Engineer at Apex Automation 

"I would totally recommend this program to anybody that's feeling like they want to find purpose. That's feeling like they're lacking any kind of passion, or just, you know, in any way of their life, if they're unhappy. I mean, this is this is really the antidote to all of those things... "

How to Decide If This Will Be Worth It For You...

Think about the potential breakthroughs and the shifts that could occur if you make even one of these changes:

  • What if you quit one of your worst habits, or started that one habit you've always wanted?
  • What if you shifted just one of your frustrating limits?
  • What if you found and shifted your core limiting belief?
  • What if you gained emotional mastery, and could regulate your emotions forever?
  • What if you found or deepened your life's purpose?
  • What if you were way more in control of your attention and your thoughts, instead of having your thoughts running your life?

Now think about places you are already spending money. How often do you:

  • Eat out at restaurants. Eating out can be a quick and convenient way to get meals, but it can also be expensive.
  • Shop online (just for fun): Shopping online can be an easy way to get the things you need or want, but it can also be expensive and wasteful.
  • Going out for drinks: Drinks with friends can be a fun way to spend an evening, but it can also be costly.
  • Buying coffee: Coffee is my favorite way to get my daily caffeine fix, but it can also be expensive. People can easily spend up to $500 a month or more (just on coffee!).
  • Buying clothes: Buying clothes can be a great way to update your wardrobe, but it can also be expensive.

What if instead, you invested in yourself and gained control of your life, and your self?

You need to decide the point that this becomes worth it for you. What would even one of these things be worth to you? And what are the true costs of ignoring your issues and pressing pause on living a full life?

If it's not obvious that you want or even need this, then it's probably not time to invest just yet.

But if it is, the Identity Shifting Mastermind is a powerful program that can help you make these changes, and shift into a brand new identity.

Investing in yourself is an act of self-love that will have a lasting impact on your life.

When you invest in yourself, you are taking the time to focus on your growth and development, and to create a better future for yourself.

It may have a cost, but the potential rewards are so much greater.

And it's the only way to become more valuable as a person. You invest in understanding the things holding you back, that you can’t see right now. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take control of yourself, starting today.

Start Identity Shifting Now


Quick Personal Note...

I know how hard it can be to make a decision like this!

So I've tried to make "changing yourself" as easy as possible. 

That said, I think you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to finally be successful and deeply fulfilled.

If you decide to work with me, you'll see how quickly and easily change can happen. And I'll be there, fully committed to helping you get everything you're looking for. 

But whether you decide to do this program or not...

I hope that you find the courage to make the changes in your life that will bring you the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

Be well, Rob  :)