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Using Anchors

anchors awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making meditation mindfulness personal development presence rob scott self wisdom Feb 13, 2006

What are anchors? The dictionary defines an anchor as something that is the source of security or stability.

An anchor is a way to bring stillness into the everyday experience. It is a tool for stability, balance and more of what you want in your life.

An anchor can be anything that brings you peace, joy or contentment. The practice of using anchors has been around since ancient times when people would use an object of significance to keep their lives grounded while they were out at sea on long journeys.

I'm discussing using things that occur in the world as reminders to bring your attention back to the moment, or back to awareness.

Examples of anchors are things like:
Going through doorways.
When we walk somewhere.
When we listen to people.

Why use anchors? It is a way to bring stillness into the everyday experience. Many people learn to meditate on a seat, but have difficulty bringing that peace into the world they live in. Using anchors is the beginning of that practice.

Stillness is available anytime. Use anchors to learn that truth.

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