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The "Wake Up" That's Possible...

Dec 04, 2020

 In this brand new episode of The Rob Scott Show, we dig into the Fundamental Shift in ways we never have before.

We examine how this single mechanism can fundamentally alter your perception of what reality is and give you massive degrees of mental freedom.

Knowing about the Fundamental Shift is, and experiencing it first hand, will give you a whole new relationship with truth as well as the power to break up with limiting perspectives and gain the ability to be more wise.

Wisdom is more than just knowing. It’s the ability to have proper judgement.

In a complex world, where we are navigating a lot, this skill is essential. Not only do we want to survive, but we also want to thrive and evolve, so that we can be the best versions of “self” and have a positive impact on the collective society.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Fundamental Shift and Psychology - Gregg Henriques Ph.D.
  • Updates About Our New Business Model
  • The Fundamental Shift Training
  • How The Fundamental Shift Can Change Society
  • Navigating Meaning Making During a Pandemic
  • Why We Get Attached to a Way of Being
  • The Meaning Making Process and The Human Condition
  • Understanding What the Fundamental Shift Is
  • Gaining Degrees of Mental Freedom
  • The Benefit of Having a Fundamental Shift
  • Escaping from the Limiting Perspectives
  • Why Most People are Delusional
  • How Reality is Created
  • Understanding the Heuristics and Meaning
  • The Origin of Unconscious Behaviors
  • One Important Move of Attention That Changes Everything
  • Why The Fundamental Shift is a Permanent Fix
  • Wisdom is Having Proper Judgement
  • How Invasive Language is to Our Construction of Meaning
  • Avoid the Manipulation of Marketing
  • Honoring Your Highest Values
  • Gaining the Skills of Relating Better
  • Creating New Habits in Our Unconscious
  • Changing “Self” at the Level of “Being”
  • How to Evolve Human Consciousness

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