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How to Find Clarity and Take Action Now

Oct 03, 2018


Learn two simple strategies to gain more clarity and stop being stuck in overwhelm. If you struggle with overwhelm, you will most likely notice a lack of clarity in your life.

Ever have something little happen and right then, in the moment, it feels like the biggest deal in the world?

Well, we’re trapped in a culture that expects us to be in a constant state of responding to stimuli. TV, on facebook, on twitter, on the phone, at work, in the car - when you combine that with a lack of clarity it starts to look like:

  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I can’t connect with others.
  • I’m always anxious and overwhelmed.
  • My life has no purpose.

Do you find yourself thinking or saying things like this?

Do you know the difference it would make if you knew without a doubt what really mattered to you? The clarity of knowing what you value matters. It matters a lot.

Because the fact is this... Switch focus to what you can control. Your stress and fatigue will disappear almost immediately. And then you can start making real changes in your life with no resistance.

So how can you build the skills to know what to do in any moment and make a clear choice to move forward?

In this week’s podcast, Rob discusses…

  • Why we must find clarity in our lives.
  • How overcommitting is the quickest way to destroy your self-confidence.
  • How to get instant relief from overwhelm and stress.
  • An easy tip to stop procrastinating.
  • How to hold boundaries (exercising the “No Muscle”).
  • Ways to simplify and unplug from technology.
  • The shortcut to authentic self-love and self-confidence.
  • How you set yourself up for failure when you don’t know your limits.
  • How to finally be true to yourself (and everyone in your life).
  • Why social media affects our brain chemistry and prevents us from living our best life.
  • And maybe most importantly… The pain we create by putting our attention on what we can’t control.

Plus, Rob let’s us in on the secret that lets us have the self-love and self-respect to say yes and really mean it... Or say no, confidently, when you don’t.

Look, for most of us, there’s a huge distance between what we say we value and what our actions say we value. If you find yourself making excuses to friends, family, and coworkers like “that’s not me” or “that’s not how I want to show up”... Then this episode is for you.

Next Steps:

  1. Connect with your values.
  2. Identify what you can actually control.
  3. Simplify - say no to things if they aren’t aligned with your values and aren’t something you can fully control.
  4. Strengthen your NO muscle- that’s how you stay simple and keep your word to yourself and others.



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