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The Secret to Stop Suffering

Dec 21, 2020


The “being” part of life is actually just as important as the “doing.” The most important paradox to master if you want to optimize your “being,” is duality vs. non duality.

Duality is the judgement of “good” and “bad.” It lives in our meaning making and thinking. Non-Duality is accessing the “is-ness” and breaking your attachment to judgement completely.

Nesting duality is a common spiritual mistake. Both sides of the paradox are important to master.

Wisdom comes from having the capability to transcend and include. It’s what leaves you full of wonder, curiosity, and gratitude.

It starts with experiencing a Fundamental Shift. Growing the ability to move attention between these two parts of being.

Enjoy the 40th episode of The Rob Scott Show. I hope you find this deep dive on “being” helpful to your life.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • “Being” vs Doing
  • What we’re really looking for
  • Defining duality
  • Stepping into non-duality
  • Where free will and choice lives
  • Understanding the significance of “now”
  • The judgement muscle
  • Are beliefs usefulness to you
  • Detaching from absolute truths
  • Lenses and meaning making
  • Looking at desire
  • The concept of nested duality
  • Describing the experience of “is-ness”
  • Laughing at our attachments
  • Mapping tradition to meaning making
  • Why attachments keep us trapped
  • Measuring the degrees of suffering
  • The power of “transcend and include”
  • Re-defining wisdom
  • Being able to see more shades of gray
  • Leaving the loop of “I’m not there yet…”
  • The function of beliefs
  • Why attention can be useful
  • Leaving the attachment to judgement
  • The power of the Fundamental Shift
  • What’s possible for society
  • Tools to help the optimize universal consciousness

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