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The Skill of "Being"

attention awareness belief consciousness evolve your consciousness fundamental shift gratitude identity shifting judgement meaning making mindfulness personal development presence self the rob scott show wisdom Jan 28, 2020


High achievers listen up! Episode 28 of The Rob Scott Show is going to help you understand that achievement isn’t actually the key to being fulfilled.

During this episode, Rob and Sarah talk about the difference between skill and strategy. Strategizing and problem solving isn’t necessarily bad, and can lead to effectiveness and productivity.

However, if you let your mind be continually focused on what’s next, strategizing how to get to “there,” you’re going to miss out on the joy that’s available to you. You’ll never feel satisfied and fulfilled, no matter what you achieve.

There’s actually no “path to presence.” We’re always arrived and it’s up to us to exercise the “skill of being.” Learning to embody the present moment will let you feel more happiness and fulfillment in your being and doing.

I hope this episode gives you a breakthrough and helps you feel more joy in your life.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The time based mind
  • How to wrangle your attention
  • Strategy vs skill and what is valuable
  • One mind with many capabilities
  • Looking at delayed gratification
  • Understanding how identities are created
  • The importance of being
  • Dissecting the planning mind
  • The spectrum of suffering
  • How to be more aware of your thinking
  • Why there’s no “there” to get to
  • The struggle of high achievement without “being”
  • There’s no path to presence, you have already arrived
  • Enjoying the poetry of life
  • You’re always present in the moment
  • How to get in touch with what your attention is doing
  • You’re consciousness itself
  • Understanding the different levels of suffering
  • Learning how to embody gratitude
  • How to be productive in your doing and joyful in your being
  • Why achievement isn’t what gives you fulfillment

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