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How to Improve Relationships (... and it's NOT what you think!)

Feb 10, 2021


This episode of The Rob Scott Show explores "reality" as you know it to be. Rob and Sarah talk about why we're not actually relating to others in the same reality, like most of us think.

Everyone carries their own own "self-world model."

If we don't identify how we're making meaning, we can easily fall into the delusion that reality is shared. A wiser way of being is to notice how your own perceptions are impacting how you create meaning.

Grow your consciousness by identifying what unconscious assumptive platforms you have.

Once you know what they are, you can evaluate them. If you grow to be more conscious of different perspectives, you will have more wisdom.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Do we really have a shared reality?
  • How to have a jump in wisdom
  • Reality and construction
  • Perception and how we relate to one another
  • Assumptive platforms and how we make truth
  • Expanding our wisdom by growing perspective
  • Why we want to win at relating
  • Literal and figurative “blindspots”
  • How memory impacts our knowledge base
  • Heuristic and our own perception
  • Examining the senses and how they create truth
  • Assuredness of meaning
  • Can we believe our own perception
  • How to get stop persistent thinking
  • Identifying the seed for creating change
  • The importance of reconsidering reality
  • What’s required for creating meaningful change
  • The most essential survival skills
  • Shifting the collective in a meaningful way
  • Examining fitness as an evolutionary process
  • Helping the collective
  • Can you shift your perceptions?
  • Adjusting the traits that we value as a society
  • A powerful mindset shift
  • How language impacts the meaning we make
  • An assumptive stepping stone
  • A new model of interpreting heuristics
  • Why we’re not relating to the same realty
  • Conflict resolution and how that relates to our meaning
  • Learning how to navigate relationships with wisdom
  • The accuracy of our own beliefs
  • Ability to take on others perceptions

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