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The Universal Solution to the Problem of "Self"

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I hope you enjoy this episode of The Rob Scott Show. Rob and Sarah discuss a variety of ways you can optimize your relationships.

Discover exactly what strategy will help you get along with others. The goal is to learn to build a shared narrative within the collective.

As simple as that sounds, we're often held back by the "story of self." Growing in consciousness is a universal solution to help us all get along better.

When we're in the model, learning how to master our identity is a valuable skill. It helps you learn to individuate, hold boundaries, and find shared values in a healthy way.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Relating to self, story of self, and consciousness
  • How relationally driven the self is in any moment
  • The psychological challenges of different relationships
  • Relating and our identity
  • The memory and history of our story of self
  • Modeling, meaning making, and relationships
  • The complexity of relating and relationships
  • Building a shared narrative
  • The “problem with bullshit”
  • Unconscious modeling that’s constructing self
  • The big problem of “self”
  • Am I modeling effectively and usefully
  • Exploring cultural implications of relating
  • Context and the self-world model
  • How to move out of time and into the moment
  • Relating and The Fundamental Shift
  • How your history rewrites itself and feels permanent
  • The real function of “self”
  • How identity can trick you
  • Creating a shared history within collective
  • Trust and betrayal in relationships
  • Holding boundaries
  • Re-constructing a brand new model
  • Examining the “us” vs “them”
  • Defining shared values within the collective
  • Building a shared model together
  • How do I optimize our unconscious meanings

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