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Discover a More Powerful Way to Relate

awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement justification meaning making memory mindfulness personal development self self world model the rob scott show time wisdom Feb 24, 2021


In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, discover how to improve your ability to relate.

Relating is the "game of being human." Mastering it in a useful way might be counterintuitive.

It's not just about relating to other people. There's actually a meta level of relating you might not know about. Find out why relating outside of "self" is the super skill we actually need.

If you can find the connection between your meaning making and relating, you gain a new sense of freedom. If you can be more aware of how you relate in and out of the "self-world model," you've evolved your consciousness.

This skill can help you build more shared spaces of agreement with others. It will also help you have more authentic connections in your relationships.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Why learning how to relate is important
  • The complexity of being alive
  • How you can relate to “the story of self”
  • Exploring the models of self
  • The foundational problem with being human
  • Consciousness itself vs the self-world model
  • Self as the “looker” and the world
  • The psychological mirror of self
  • Person to person justification space
  • The influence that others have on our behavior
  • Relating to consciousness
  • The “I” and the “Me” and how we see ourselves
  • Perspectives and simulating self in relationship
  • Why we don’t actually have shared reality
  • Mind spaces and creating an agreed upon reality
  • Shared values and justification space
  • Getting better at relating
  • Truth, fact, and reality
  • How improving relating can change the world
  • The balance of belief space and useful delusion
  • Why the “thinking” self controls relating
  • Freud and the unconscious impulses
  • Healthy relating and marriage
  • The difference between community and society
  • Examining the rules of relating in the collective
  • Why the human part of “self” revolves around relationships
  • Relationships as a huge motivator
  • Authentic and genuine connections
  • How mastering relating creates freedom
  • Relating and the Fundamental Shift

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