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How Memory Traps You in a Mental Model

Jan 04, 2021


In this episode, Rob shares how much modeling plays a part in our construction of the world.

We're modeling all the time, and almost all modeling is happening unconsciously. Models are a 3 dimensional way to show how thoughts impact our reality.

Models come from "frozen" thoughts. It's important to understand how this process can impact us.

We're deeply putting meaning on everything. Modeling is a way to recognize this. Even "self" is a model.

I hope you enjoy this crucial conversation. It will help you better understand memory, models, and meaning making.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Understanding what modeling is
  • Exploring the subtle vocabulary around meaning
  • The thinking brain and models of reality
  • Unconscious modeling that is happening all the time
  • If we can’t see our own relationship to modeling we’ll be stuck
  • How models get reinforced
  • The self fulfilling prophecy of our thinking
  • Understanding thinking and heuristics
  • The overlap of modeling and behavior
  • Why most of modeling happens unconsciously
  • Thought vs thinking
  • Memory and the motivation behind it
  • How thoughts become lenses
  • The function of “remembering”
  • Why memories aren’t exactly accurate
  • How unconscious modeling impacts everything
  • Our “self” is actually a model
  • How society can improve by better modeling
  • Why mistaken modeling causes confusion
  • A persistent model is “the story of you”
  • Self needs time to exist
  • Leaving “ego-ic” self and models can give you mental freedom
  • Agency to get free from models that trap us
  • Examining stuck emotions
  • Relationship between feelings and modeling
  • What can happen with poor modeling

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