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The Crucial Technique to Balance Mental Health

addiction awareness belief codependency evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making mindfulness narcissm personal development relating self self-world model the rob scott show wisdom Mar 10, 2021


I hope you enjoy this important episode of The Rob Scott Show.

Rob and Sarah explore the spectrum of mental health. Specifically, they discuss what codependency & narcissism really is, and how to fix it.

There is a crucial skill required to improve your mental health.

Listen to this episode to gain the ability to objectify your "self-world model," and discover how to balance it effectively.

You can loosen attachment to "self" and "world." This is the key to building better relationships. It will make you a more holistic person and help you have healthier relationships.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Gain the freedom that comes from forgiveness
  • The spectrum of relating
  • Narcissism and codependency
  • Neurotic, anxious, fearful
  • Looking at psychological disorders
  • The difference between leaving self or losing self
  • Expressing codependency
  • Learning to have empathy and compassion
  • Why it’s hard to realize you’re stuck in a model
  • The unconscious meanings that create a mental health
  • Why the Fundamental Shift can help narcissism and codependency
  • This is subtle because of the self-world model is subtle
  • Belief as an assuredness of meaning
  • How to avoid being a victim
  • Meaning making as an invisible influence
  • Predictive modeling and the certainty and human
  • The evolutionary function of “knowing”
  • Loosening of attachment over dissolving belief
  • Changing your psychological grip
  • The wisdom to be better wholistic people
  • Learning how to balance your self-world model is key
  • Strategies to manage our feelings
  • Addiction and codependency
  • Objectify the self-world model

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