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Why You Can’t Trust Your Own Memory...

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This episode of The Rob Scott Show exposes why memory isn't what you think it is.

Memory is actually what creates our sense of self. Humans are made as a holistic system that ties memory, emotions, and behavior together.

If you want to change, you have to understand how memory impacts how you interpret reality. Learn to become more consciousness of how memory impacts behaviors and emotions.

Discover the powerful shortcut of how to optimize yourself. It starts by using your memory to create better meanings.

Are you capable of putting memory down and being more present? If you can master that skill, you can change your outcomes and reduce your suffering.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What memory really is
  • How memory constructs self
  • The power of adjusting “self-world” model
  • A relationship between memory and modeling
  • Thinking vs thought
  • How memory impacts behavior
  • Context and memory
  • How memories are created
  • Why your behavior is driven by memory
  • Memories and priming
  • Exploring how memories work
  • The inaccuracy of old memories
  • How short term memory is consciously created
  • How long term memory is unconsciously created
  • The relationship between memories and emotion
  • How memory can alter your emotional reality
  • Altering and implanting different memories
  • How perception alters meaning and shifts memory
  • When memory can alter your relating
  • Why people edit their memories
  • How memory alters the story of self
  • Memory can help us challenge limiting beliefs
  • When memories create assuredness of meaning
  • How feelings can store memories
  • Why changing context changes a your concept
  • The difference between experience and imagination
  • How you can become more conscious of memory
  • Added memories can alter your experience of any interaction
  • Learn how to get unstuck
  • The shortcut out of delusion
  • Where bias comes from and self fulfilling prophecies
  • Memory and the self-world model
  • How memories impact your goal setting
  • Why memories can keep you stuck in suffering
  • The paradox of being and doing
  • Why willpower isn’t the fastest path to changing self

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