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A Simple Trick to Manage Your Attention

anxiety and overwhelm awareness behavior being belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making mindfulness personal development rob scott show self success wisdom Oct 05, 2018

Always Struggling to Keep Up? There’s One Surprising Mistake You’re Making - It’s Not About Productivity!

What are you paying attention to right now? You might notice a bit of irony in that question.

See, most human beings are so focused on what’s to come or what’s already happened that the one thing they’re NOT paying attention to is what’s happening right now.

In this video, I explain how this mental model - that you probably fall into ALL THE TIME - is actually causing that nagging feeling of “I’m Not There Yet.” And if this isn’t you, then I can guarantee that many people in your life are struggling with this same issue. Listen for some quick insight for how to help somebody who’s stuck “anywhere but here.”

Full podcast episode can be found here.

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