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How to Manage Impulse Control

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Are you struggling to match the things you know you should be doing to the the actions you’re actually taking? If so, you might need some help.

We want to help you grow your self control, strengthen good habits, and achieve more. This episode talks about how to get past the desire of doing what’s pleasurable in the moment. Plus, gives useful tips on how master the "ability to resist."

This can be a challenge. Our culture and technology has allowed and encouraged "easy access" to many things. Doing what matters can take hard work and time. What's more often appealing is flipping on Netflix and snacking on junk food instead.

There’s a joy in hedonism. It's attractive to us to rid ourselves of hard work and engage in the "shiny" things right in front of us. In a world of MORE MORE MORE, it’s easier than ever to embrace the many options at our fingertips.

But this approach may not always be healthy or sustainable.

In fact, it creates a pattern of NOT doing the things we know we should be doing. Then feeling bad about it.

Often the things that feel great in the moment are not good for you in the long term. Such as: eating healthy, saving your paycheck, or skipping a night out with friends to catch up on sleep. We know this, but we still struggle to break free from the instant gratification.

If we can fine tune our capability to “resist” and practice more impulse control, we’ll start to see change. In fact, this ninja move could create a HUGE difference. You will find strengthening your delayed gratification muscle may give you deeper fulfillment.

If you grow your impulse control muscle, you’re going see massive benefits in your life. You’ll feel more trustworthy, dependable, and fulfilled. You’ll find clearer direction on what’s important for you to be “doing.” And your mind will be more steady. This will lead to a more sustainable version of yourself.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • Two crucial abilities to master in your doing.
  • Understanding how technology impacts practicing delayed gratification.
  • How instant gratification may lead to addiction.
  • Balancing your desires and your actions.
  • Find sustainability in “doing.”
  • Why mindfulness helps grow impulse control.
  • Understanding what matters most.
  • Focusing your attention.
  • How willpower can serve you.
  • Benefits of being “present.”

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