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Experience The Fundamental Shift

awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift happiness identity shifting judgement meaning making mental mastery mindfulness personal development self the rob scott show wisdom Dec 07, 2020


In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Rob and Sarah are putting the entire structure of “belief” under a microscope and exploring a different angle of meaning making than you might have heard before.

They give a solid definition of The Fundamental Shift and teach what “self” really is. They also show how we’re not always in control of what we’re “modeling,” and can have more agency over what truth and perspectives we’re taking on.

The Fundamental Shift is a singular move, that keeps us from being lost in whatever version of “self” and “truth” we’re being swept up in. It’s both deeply profound and deeply simple. It’s available to all types of people and can have massive benefits to individuals and society at large.

A meaningful connection to the Fundamental Shift actually means you are transcending self, which allows you to permanently shift “self” in powerful ways. This can have a great impact on societal change and collective cooperation.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The 3 Levels of Shifting
  • Fundamental Shift vs Identity Shifting
  • Exploring the Concept of “Time”
  • Bringing our Attention to Now or Presence
  • The Human Condition
  • Subjective Experiences
  • Exploring Modeling in Our World Today
  • What Consciousness is Created From
  • Why Do We Make the Meaning We Make
  • Shifting In and Out of Perspective
  • Learning How to Notice Intentional Truths
  • Examining the Whole Structure of Beliefs
  • “Forces” of Life that Impact Our Behavior
  • Gaining a Sense of Self in a Powerful Way
  • The Mechanism of of Meaning
  • How to Have an Infinite Capacity for Beliefs
  • Changing Self from Within Self
  • What Self Transcendence Looks Like
  • Resetting Assumptions and Beliefs
  • The Next Level of Human Consciousness
  • Surviving and Thriving
  • Who Benefits from the Skill of Profound Change
  • Suffering as Motivation for Transformation
  • We Need to Adapt to Complexity
  • The Uncertainty of Beliefs
  • Learning How to Be Capable
  • The Origin of Meaning
  • Stop Being Stuck in Modeling
  • Detach from What Makes You Suffer in Life
  • Dropping Thought and Entering Experience
  • Exposing Our Attachments and How it Causes Suffering

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