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The Secret to Mastering Free Will

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Our "story of self" is a concept that’s created within the construct of time. It can be useful, but when we get lost in it, the "self" starts to make us feel like there’s no freedom of choice or free will.

Do you feel like you desire change, but your behavior is out of your control? If you do, you’ll definitely want to hear this episode of the Rob Scott Show.

It will help you gain more agency over free will. More of our behavior than we realize is reflexive. There’s only one possible place that free will can exist (if it exists at all).

We can become more conscious and more aware of our impulses. We can use and choose thoughts that inspire different behaviors in the "now."

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Does free will exist?
  • What we think “to know” really means
  • Finding the most useful concepts to help self
  • Sam Harris and his perspective on free will
  • Examining choice and understanding impulses
  • Mastering decision making
  • The argument for no free will
  • Exploring the judgement of time
  • Procrastination and planning
  • The illusion of free choice
  • Addiction, free will, and choice
  • How a lot of thought is reflexive
  • Unconscious factors that influence free will
  • Willpower and how it impacts behavior
  • Reflexes and willpower
  • How thinking and emotion impact behavior
  • Exploring behavior with incentives
  • Flow states and behavior
  • The experience of time and how it can disappear
  • No self and the relationship with time
  • We pollute the “now” with the story of self
  • The two different versions of self
  • Conscious vs unconscious behaviors
  • Habituation vs willpower
  • Modeling time and thought
  • The Fundamental Shift and self
  • How to avoid being trapped in time
  • Where free will could exist
  • This moment of “now”
  • Finding Your Flow States

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