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What’s Stopping You From Making More Money?

Sep 24, 2018


Alright, quick quiz time (Be honest!):

Which do you find yourself saying more often?

  • I want to be wealthy or…
  • I love the money I have

If you’re like a lot of the clients Rob’s helped, you are just dying to find that automatic button that lets you make more money day after day, and year after year.

Or might think that kind of sounds like a fiction?

So, real talk: You’re not likely to stumble upon a big red button that changes your life in an instant…

But it turns out you might be carrying around some baggage that’s creating a ‘money limit’ in your life.

And breaking through your money limit might be as simple as noticing that burden you’re carrying and choosing to put it down.

We’re not talking about very real, very tangible obstacles that you have to overcome - what Rob covers today are the hidden (from you) limitations you’ve placed on yourself that you have the choice to let go of whenever you choose.

So how about learning to identify yours in the next 25 minutes?

In today’s episode, Sarah and Rob discuss:

  • Fear of failure and why plenty of people worry about failing in front of people they respect, but that’s not what really holds most people back.
  • Fear of success, which you probably don’t believe in, but might be the number one reason you can’t make lasting progress towards your goals.
  • Why your unconscious beliefs about "rich people" can prevent you from owning the identity of a wealthy person - and ultimately STOP you from building habits that will cultivate gratitude.
  • Plus, how we use all of these things to construct our own ‘money ceiling’ that we simply cannot let ourselves get fact, if you’re close to hitting it, you’re probably already sabotaging yourself and pushing more money away.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast before, then this might surprise you... but it all comes back to the identity you choose to give yourself. That’s right! You get to choose your own identity - you can even choose to be the person you thought you had to wait to be until you crossed off every item on your 10 year plan.



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