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The Meta Skill to Evolve Your Consciousness

awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift happiness identity shifting judgement meaning making mental mastery meta skill mindfulness personal development self the rob scott show wisdom Dec 11, 2020


How can you expect to achieve the outcomes you want in life, if you can’t manage your own attention and focus?

The meta skill of noticing, controlling, and moving attention is powerful. Mastering your attention gives you more agency over your own self and the outcomes you want.

Attention is the foundational concept behind everything we want. It’s what allows us to focus and appreciate what we want out of life, and directly relates to thought management.

If we can learn to have more awareness and mastery over our attention we’re on the right track to gain powerful wisdom.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Understanding the Importance of Awareness
  • Having a Relationship With Conscious Awareness
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • The Only Two Categories of Attention
  • Thought Simulations
  • Modeling that Takes Us Away from Reality
  • Thought, Experience, Imagination
  • Having more Agency Over How We Experience Life
  • Improving Our Meaning Making
  • Holding Attention, Improving Focus
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Attentional Awareness
  • How to Apply Wisdom to Your Attention
  • Identity Shifting
  • The Relationship of Attention and Thinking
  • Learning to Create Better Experiences
  • Foundational Concepts to Having a Fundamental Shift
  • The “Paradox” of the Fundamental Shift
  • The Error of Focusing on the Loudest Problem
  • How to Get What We Really Want
  • Self Mastery, Self Actualization, Self Transcendence
  • Simplifying Your Overwhelm
  • The Capability and Agency to Make Decisions
  • Simple but Powerful Self Mastery
  • Mediation and Mindfulness
  • Demonstrating Wise Thinking
  • The Origin of Suffering
  • Back to Breath Meditation Challenge
  • The Skill of Applying this Meta Skill
  • Impulse Management

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