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How to End Suffering

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Suffering seems universal. Many of us get caught up in a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, and depression. We push against the reality of “what is.” We try to control things we can’t change, resist the feelings we have, and wish for different outcomes.

But here’s a little known secret…

Suffering is simply, resisting what is. And so It’s our own mind that actually keeps us stuck in the cycle of suffering.

Many people are unaware they have the capability to solve this problem. This episode of The Rob Scott Show teaches you the hack to stop suffering dead in its tracks.

It’s important to understand that suffering and pain aren’t the same thing. The feeling of pain is a sensation. At times, it’s unavoidable. But, you can experience pain without suffering if you can keep yourself from from judging it as “bad.”

Suffering may arise automatically, but it’s actually caused by our own attention and thought processes.

So the hack is learning to stop your thoughts from keeping you trapped. Begin to notice when you feel yourself suffering. And instead be with “what is,” and less focused on “what isn’t.”

Instead of focusing on what you can’t control, learn to look for the good things in your life. This alone will bring you massive relief.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • Exploring the meaning of suffering.
    • The difference between pain and suffering.
    • Why suffering is a choice.
    • How stories become “ways of being.”
    • Ways to optimize your thinking.
    • Understanding meaning making.
    • How to be “with what is.”
    • The muscle of appreciation.
    • Different perspectives that keep you out of suffering.
    • Who’s responsible for our suffering.
    • Are wishes hurting you?
    • What we can learn from experiencing pain.
    • The move to end suffering forever.
    • How attachment creates suffering.
    • Ways to be more durable in your life.
    • Understanding enlightenment.
    • How gratitude can help end suffering.
    • Changing your attention, changes your suffering.

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