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Expand Consciousness and Grow Wisdom in One Move

awareness behavior being belief evolve your consciousness expand consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making mindfulness personal development perspective rob scott show self success wisdom Oct 29, 2018

The world often feels “crazy” to us.

Because of technology, information moves at a faster pace than it ever has. The political climate of today is growing more divisive. We may be in more disagreements with people over different value and belief systems.

A way to “be more wise,” is to be able to understand perspectives different from our own. The ability to do this allows us to be less stressed, less overwhelmed, and less in conflict. The skill of "stepping into another persons shoes” can help you a lot. You make faster progress, gain more respect, and get more access to truth.

See, often our own limited perspectives feel complete to us. It’s a crucial skill to develop the self awareness to know when we are too attached to our own perspective. Most of us, if asked, don’t like to be limited. Imagine going to a restaurant and only getting one page of the menu.

We want to have the “full picture.” So we can be smart, make informed decisions, and have a greater understanding of the world we live in. It’s important to remember that no single perspective holds all the truth.

It’s also useful to be able to identity different "Zones of Agreement.” Multiple perspectives are always arising around us. Finding common ground can help us communicate and connect with other people. The person who can consider other feelings and viewpoints has access to more consciousness.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • How to grow in wisdom.
    • What’s required for real change.
    • Understanding subjective vs objective perspectives.
    • The Scientist vs The Meditator.
    • How our “default” perspective limits us.
    • Exploring the “we” space (intersubjective).
    • Collective belief systems and useful truths.
    • Integral Theory and linguistic perspectives.
    • How different perspectives overlap.
    • Discussing political frameworks.
    • Finding zones of agreement.
    • Difference between compromising and finding a new perspective.
    • The importance of having self awareness.
    • How to be more empathetic.
    • The key to making progress.

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