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How to Evolve Into a Hero

awareness belief evolve your consciousness facing fear fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making metacognition mindfulness personal development self the rob scott show victim mindset wisdom Jan 15, 2020


Episode 27 of The Rob Scott Show covers a lot of ground. We explore exactly what it means to be a conscious human in the world today. We talk about the nuances of our culture and how we want to be heroes but celebrate victimhood. Then go over ways we can notice when we’re stuck in a victim mindset.

Sarah and I also discuss the most important personal development survival skill… metacognition. It’s an awareness of thinking about your thinking. Learning to do that well gives you the ability to manage your attention. This move is the superpower. It will allow you to be happy and fulfilled in your being, and powerful and effecting in your doing.

Finally, discover why there is no such thing as a permanent hero. Instead, it’s crucial to learn how to be heroic for yourself. What’s the hero in YOU that can focus on what’s important and how you’re showing up? Learn how to win at the internal game and that will help you make the world a better place.

I hope you enjoy this episode, we had a ton of fun recording it for you.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The paradox of hero and villain
  • Societies views on the Hero's Journey
  • Understanding a victim mindset
  • Why society rewards victimhood
  • Managing the complexity of life
  • What it means to be a conscious human
  • The evolution of survival skills
  • How to grow your awareness of when you’re being a victim
  • Learning to deal with problems without playing victim
  • The power of facing your fears
  • Mastering Metacognition - Useful thoughts about your thoughts
  • How moving attention impacts your emotions
  • The Most Important Personal Development Survival Skills
  • How to be happier and more productive
  • Surrounding yourself with conscious humans

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