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Personal Development Mastery with Agi Keramidas

awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement meaning making mindfulness personal development personal development mastery podcast interview self wisdom Jul 02, 2020

The great myth that many people fall for, is that we have to be victims to the realities of life.

But good news - We have much more control over our experience than we realize.Our thoughts and beliefs are often the driving factors for how we perceive reality and the events that happen in our lives.

Unfortunately, what we want and what we believe to be true are often at odds.

If you can gain awareness over when your thoughts are altering your meaning, you've discovered what might be the most valuable skill there is. It’s a major step towards regaining control in your life.

It can be difficult to discover this. The reason is, our beliefs, what we know to be absolute "truths," are living outside our conscious mind.

I was asked recently to be a guest on the Personal Development Mastery Podcast.

Agi Keramidas, the host, asked me some really powerful questions and we had a revealing conversation... about how our minds create meaning, why our biggest limits are sometimes invisible, and the steps to shift your meaning making in a profound way.

It was a great conversation and I'm really grateful I got to be on the show. I love what Agi's mission is. If you're looking for insight on exactly how to manage your thinking the meanings you're creating for yourself, please check this out.

Part 1 went live on Tuesday, and Part 2 was just released today.

If you find this podcast valuable, please support Agi by liking and subscribing to future episodes. He's got a ton of interesting guests and puts out really relevant conversations.

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