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Mastering Mindset Series - Social Mindset Shifts

attention awareness ego evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shift identity shifting mastering mindset series mindfulness nationalism personal development podcast rob scott society spirituality thinking wisdom Jan 06, 2014

In this Mindset Series hangout Rob Scott and Jeff Yancey focus on the importance of group mindset.

Quick Notes:

0:55 - Why is mindset shift important?
3:20 - Limiting narratives
6:00 - Leaving society
7:00 - How big is our identity?
8:15 - Identity of Nationalism
9:09 - If Aliens landed on earth…
12:22 - Base assumptions
15:27 - What if we were all connected as one?
19:00 - We are all egoic, and that's ok
22:50 - Ask: How am I connected to these people

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