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Mastering Mindset Series - The Most Important Thing

attention awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shift identity shifting mastering mindset series mindfulness personal development rob scott spirituality thinking wisdom Dec 03, 2013

In this Hangout, I share what exactly "mindset" is, and why it's incredibly important to our success.

Quick Notes:

2:30 - If you don't master your mindset, nothing matters.
3:30 - What exactly is "mindset?"
4:13 - The ability to see that we have a certain mindset.
5:18 - The WRONG mindset about weight loss.
6:05 - The RIGHT mindset for successful weight loss.
7:02 - Why mindset isn't just about thinking positively.
8:01 - Where does our mindset come from?
8:55 - Do you really wish you were doing more?
10:00 - What is awareness?
10:35 − 3 Things that happen mentally while looking at the world.
11:55 - How we feel is most important.
12:48 - My boss hates me!
13:52 - Some of us are naturally set to self sabotage.
15:43 - The frame of our awareness.
19:40 - How are you set up to be looking at your own life?
20:15 - Change your beliefs.

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