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Meditation Introduction

attention awareness back to breath ego evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting meditation mindfulness personal development presence rob scott spirituality wisdom Dec 11, 2005

How to meditate: Bring your attention back to your breath. Repeat as necessary.

Five minutes of meditation a day is all we need to get started down a very important road of growth.

Our mind is capable of opening our focus to be aware of many things at the same time.

There are real life applications for meditation and presence. Use it to work with anger, sadness, physical pain, etc.

Meditation has two qualities. One is where you sit in the stillness of presence. This is where true joy comes from.

This is the experience of now. No judgement, etc.

The other state is when the mind is busy. This may not be as pleasurable, but this is where we learn. These are the workout reps for the mind. The is where we grow. Notice you are lost in thought and bring your attention back to the breath.

Meditation helps us understand this experience of joy by giving our minds a break to simply be still without judgement or expectations. However, meditation also allows for growth when practicing mindfulness.

Notice you are lost in thought and bring your attention back to the breath - this process trains your brain to focus more on what's happening now than running through old memories or making future plans which may not happen anyway!

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