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Eventual Millionaire Podcast

attention awareness evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shift identity shifting mastering mindset series mindfulness personal development rob scott spirituality thinking wisdom Mar 27, 2017
Another podcast interview went live today.  This one was with Jaime Masters of Eventual Millionaire.
Jaime is incredible and we had a blast recording this show.  She was great at getting to the important nuggets fast.
Here's some of the things we went over:
  • A three-step process to uncover negative beliefs buried in your unconscious mind
  • What is an “identity shift” and why it’s the only way to make a lasting change
  • Why most therapy work out there doesn’t stick
  • The one thing your subconscious mind cares about and why it can work against you
  • The three realms of yourself you need to focus on when you want results
  • How to “trick” your subconscious mind into changing your worst patterns without resistance
We all carry a self-concept. We end up with invisible ceilings that limit us. Our self concept limits how much money we can earn, how much we're worth, and what's possible for us.
The act of changing in any significant way requires you to shift your identity.
Most people do this by changing habits against their current identity. But this takes tons of willpower and energy.
Instead of creating that change via willpower, we do that using the subconscious mind. That way we make the changes without wasted time and effort.
Listen to Jaime and I on Eventual Millionaire here.

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