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Captivate the Room Podcast with Tracy Goodwin

awareness belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting joy judgement meaning making mindfulness personal development podcast interview self stop suffering wisdom Jan 24, 2020

I recently did an interview on Captivate the Room with my friend Tracy, a renowned voice coach. This is the third time I got to be a guest on her podcast and it’s an honor to be back again.

It just went live. If you want to listen to it, head here.

There’s a simple skill we can all exercise to find more beauty and enjoyment in life. It’s the ability to manage our own attention.

Learning to place attention outside of ruminating thoughts and directly in the present moment lets us experience the present moment instead of thinking, “I’m not there yet.”

The better we get at becoming aware of what our thinking is doing, the easier we can flip the switch of being present in the experience of RIGHT NOW.

You can eliminate a massive amount of suffering in your life by learning to embrace “what is,” instead of resisting it.

Joy lives in the present moment, and we have the capability to find it at any time.

This is the true, direct path to happiness.

Thinking, “I’m not there yet,” keeps us from being as happy as we want, because our attention is placed in all that we haven’t done and don’t have.

I hope you can walk away from this interview with tangible tools to help you avoid self sabotage, work addiction, and the myth that you’re “not there yet.”

Tracy and I also discuss the idea that what we think we need vs what we actually need, aren’t the same thing at all.

We can drop the story of “I’m busy” and embrace that idea that we’re here, we’re arrived, and we’re capable of receiving goodness all the time.

Tracy has been coaching the voices of celebrities, entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe for over 28 years. Her podcast is helping to give others a voice and gain self worth.

It’s an amazing mission.

Listen, like, and subscribe to her podcast if it resonates with you

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