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Discussion on Beliefs

belief evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shifting judgement mindfulness personal development rob scott self truth what is wisdom Nov 09, 2005

It's important to discuss the importance in understanding what beliefs are and how they affect us.

Beliefs are the filter we see our world through. We need to begin understanding their use.

Three ways to perceive the world: Truth, opinion, and belief.

Truth is "what is." Opinion is when we make a judgment of a truth and take a separate stance on the truth.

Beliefs are when we erroneously treat opinions as truths.

There are many facets to life. There are levels of intention and perspective.

Opinions can be used effectively to enhance performance on some of these levels.

Beliefs are the most powerful ideas there are. Every war has been fought because of beliefs.

How do we watch beliefs?

One way is with meditation. Beginning that is to watch when we get upset. That tells us that we are bumping into a belief we have.

Understanding the difference between beliefs and opinions is key to understanding how they affect us.Truths have no judgments attached to them. Our perspectives on truths can be changed with new information or experience.

Beliefs are often formed from these judgements which means they cannot always work effectively for everyone in life.

Tap into your potential fully and recognize what level of attachment you have to your beliefs.

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