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Becoming Kings Podcast Interview - with Johnny King

Apr 07, 2022

Check out this interview that just went live...

I got to talk to my good friend Johnny King on his podcast: Becoming Kings Podcast.​ We did a deep dive on how to change self in a counterintuitive way.

It's not always obvious that self is actually something you can edit. But it's possible and it's profound. We're not just the narrative we think we are. Examining the story of our identity can be the key to making real change.

As Johnny recapped, "You’re one person today, and yet tomorrow you might be another one entirely." We must learn how to do this in a masterful way.

There's a Fundamental Shift that's possible. In this profound shift, you can evolve into a higher level of consciousness and obtain the exact identity you want in any moment.

Remember, you're at the center of everything... all you think, all you feel, and how you behave. The most powerful thing you can do is change YOU.

This podcast interview will go through this in a powerful and valuable way.​ Enjoy this conversation. I was honored to be invited back on his podcast.​ 

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In this episode you’ll also learn about…
  • Embodying true change. (3:28)
  • The four dimensions of the mind & ego. (17:23)
  • The deep importance of attention. (33:59)
  • The “self” judges good vs bad over “time”. (49:08)
  • Perception vs progress. (1:04:17)
  • What is more valuable than legacy. (1:15:09)⁣ ⁣

Check out the full episode:⁣

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