Hey there! I'm Rob.

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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Hey there! I'm Rob.

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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I've got a lot to show you about how to change.

My name is Rob. I created something called Identity Shifting, and it's a total game changer. You're about to discover an entirely new philosophy of what it means to be a person. Change who you are, right now, by gaining mastery over how you think, feel, and behave. This is profound, permanent change... all without willpower. If you'd like to see what the most cutting edge personal development process on the planet can do, check out this video of some past clients...


What's In It?

You will get access to cutting edge trainings, master level coaching, and an exclusive community of people who are rapidly changing everything about themselves. You'll discover the unique tools of Identity Shifting, and the "Fundamental Shift" underneath it all. When you join The Identity Shifting Mastermind, you'll gain access to at least six different types of experiences: Cutting edge training courses, live group coaching calls, a community of like minded people, one on one coaching sessions with Rob, accountability meetings and productivity support group, and dedicated support from our team.

Access to All Training Courses

You instantly gain access to different digital training programs. The online courses will take you through all the new, groundbreaking, concepts you'll use to help you embody and experience change. There's tons of different lessons, practices, and exercises to help you understand and embody this week. You'll also find assessments, hypnotic audios, and guided visualizations.

Live Group Coaching

Each year of membership comes with at least forty group Mastermind Calls, each running from 90-120 minutes long. Here we will go deep on specific concepts, mastermind ideas, and share experiences. These calls are powerful and important for you growth. Learn by receiving coaching and watching others get coaching. Ask any questions you have and be ready to get breakthrough level coaching each week. 


You are joining a community of others in The Identity Shifting Mastermind. We have a dedicated, private space to discuss ideas, make friends, support each other with our goals. Also, come here to get your questions answered from Rob, his team, or others in the Mastermind. You can share recommendations and breakthroughs in this vibrant online forum.

1-on-1 VIP Coaching

Take advantage of private coaching sessions with Rob. You get twelve 45-minute VIP Coaching Calls each year of membership where you can deep dive on a relevant issues or problems with Rob live. You can also use this time to get directed coaching on your finances, business, health, or relationships, etc. These are private and powerful calls specific to what you need.

Accountability Group & Calls

Join an inspired group of motivated people who are looking to go above and beyond each week. Use group accountability to help get extra encouragement and success around what matters most. Weekly meetings will guide you and help you stay organized and focused. Celebrate wins and network your ideas with the other members of this group. Plus get additional support from Rob’s team!

Dedicated Support

Get dedicated support from Rob and his team. Jump to the front of the line when you have an issue, question, or need help with coursework. We’ll be standing by to give you what you need, when you need it… All you have to do is ask. We’ll make sure to do check ins, review your assignments, and lead you on the best path based on what you need! Having my team ready and available is a huge asset.

Here Are The Different Types of Coaching You Get:

Mastermind Calls

Each year of membership includes 40 Mastermind group coaching calls.

Accountability Calls

Each year of membership includes 36 Accountability calls.

VIP 1-on-1 Calls

Each year of membership includes 12 VIP 1-on-1 Calls with Rob.

Here Are The Courses You'll Get:

The Recode Your Mind Training System

Built to reshape any maladaptive patterns buried deep in your unconscious mind.

You'll find your deepest hidden limits (or mental lenses), and transform them into optimal patterns that wire you for massive success and deep fulfillment. Here are some of the tools you'll master:

  • Limiting Lens Discovery Process
  • Truth, Opinion, Belief Wisdom
  • Useful Thinking
  • Unconscious Mind "New Choice" Repatterning System
  • The New Behavior "Now True" Repatterning System

This shapes the way your mind works unconsciously, so there's no willpower required.


Full Access to Entire Identity Shifting Training System

Right from the start you will have shifted and repatterned the deepest unconscious limits that have been holding you back.

Next we will reveal the system to train your conscious ability to change. Some of what you'll discover includes:

  • Core Story Discovery Process
  • Story Casting Practice and Skill
  • Deep Shadow Work
  • Emotional Wisdom and Mastery
  • Conscious and Unconscious Thought Mastery
  • Discover Your Purpose, and Live Inside it so Everything is That Expression
  • Break Limiting Habits and Addictive Patterns
  • Repattern New More Optimal Habits and Behaviors on Autopilot without Willpower
  • Discover the Power of Your Persona
  • Master Hidden Relationship Issues
  • Understand and Heal Issues Relating to Psychological Issues All Humans Deal With, Including Trauma, Codependency, Neuroticism, Narcissism, and More...

The Identity Shifting skills, practices and tools you discover here are the most powerful personal development tools available anywhere in the world.


The Fundamental Shift Core Content

Here you'll discover some of the deepest insights and wisdom that humans are capable of experiencing. Including:

  • Understanding Consciousness Itself in a New, Profound Way
  • Discover the Power of Controlling Your Attention and Focus
  • Master Thought vs. Experience and Sensation
  • Understand "Stillness in Motion"
  • Discover and Apply what Mindfulness and Meditation are Really For
  • Discover Non-Duality: Understand, Apply and Live It
  • Shift Into Your Higher Self to Manage Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior
  • Transcend "The Self" and Become Free of the "Treadmill of Time," Desires and Suffering

These ideas and practices can shape your life in ways that will blow your mind.


Hacking Happy

Hacking Happy is a simple process that shows you how to change the way you feel, at will.

It's a fast and effective 21 Day process, that only takes 5-9 minutes a day on average. 

The third week are binaural audios that pattern your mind in the five major life areas. This program alone is life changing, and shockingly fast and simple.


The Back to Breath 7 Day Challenge and Trainings

Our "7 Day Mindfulness Challenge and Training." Meditation has never been as easy, understandable and fun.

Once you understand what meditation is really about, an entire world of mindfulness, confidence and fulfillment can become your standard way of being.


Get Productive With Training  And Accountability:

The Calm Cool Productive Training Course

Most of our common desires are not about how we can change ourselves, but how we can change the world around us. We want different results.

Getting tons of money, massive success, incredible relationships, and our best body, takes changing our behavior consistently over time. Here we'll focus on things like:

  • How to connect directly with your Purpose and "Future Self" you are shifting into...
  • Define specific goals, plans and projects that you most want and need to do achieve.
  • Discover the highest leveraged behaviors you need to change, and put those new optimal behaviors on autopilot, so they ARE YOU.
  • Learn how to apply cutting edge time management and focus strategies.
  • End procrastination, and get deeply organized!
  • Declutter your life, physically, mentally, & digitally, so you stay organized and surround yourself with the right objects, ideas, and even the right people
  • Develop a powerful "No Muscle" that allows you to keep everything simple and clear, without guilt or upsetting anyone.
  • Understand the power of things like social pressure and accountability strategies that will hold your focus and attention without willpower.
  • Feel calm and confident through all your changes, and be seen and known as a more powerful, confident, effective and happy person!
  • And much more...

Chances are, you already know a lot of what you need to do. With these tools, you'll stop living in a "someday I'll get there" type groundhog's day...

Now is the time to permanently change and actually do it. All while enjoying the process.

Accountability Partners, Process, and Live Group Calls

This is the heart of accomplishing your goals and creating success in your life.

Join your Accountability Partners for weekly meetings where you'll:

  • Set and track your specific coaching goals, and get support and be held accountable to this coaching work at a pace that's perfect for you!
  • Decide and claim the specific behaviors, goals and outcomes you are committed to, in your personal and professional life.
  • Define the specific, actionable, things you want to accomplish each week. As you grow and change these accomplishments will continually get bigger and better than you could have imagined when you started.
  • Receive firm but loving support, so you are held accountable to those behaviors and goals, course correcting as you go. Enjoy how easy and natural the process becomes...
  • Develop deep character. You'll know what you can really do and consistently do it, instead of constantly overshooting what's possible.
  • Live into your authentic values, hold crucial boundaries, and hold to your own high standards.
  • Develop leadership skills by taking optional roles in the group meetings.
  • Watch as people start to trust and respect you more. Because your results will match your promises, you will actually "be your word in the world."

This is when you'll finally see the end of "self sabotage" and "procrastination." Instead, you'll really begin building the life you want and can have right now.

All while deepening those connections with a new community of friends you'll get to keep long after this coaching program in over.

You will gain access to our Private Community as well...

Imagine a Facebook Group, without having to go on facebook. In our Community Area you'll be able to:

  • Get extra insights and ideas from Rob, Sarah, and other members of our community
  • Be Held Accountable to Your Goals
  • Ask questions and get answers, anytime, about anything
  • Get Help and Give Help to Others
  • Share your big wins (and the small victories) so we can all Celebrate Your Success!!!
  • "Be in Community" with Like Minded People Who All Want to Grow and Support Your Growth

Most importantly, this will help you grow incredible, high quality, relationships that will last way beyond the coaching process.

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  • Discover how to shift any emotional state at will
  • And so much more...

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