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  • The Simple 3 Step System to “Recode” any limit you have… (Video 4)
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  • Why willpower isn’t the thing that’s required to permanently change your behaviors... (Video 1)
  • How your limits are created and the “invisible mechanism” that makes them persist... (Video 4)
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This process offers profound, permanent transformation and requires zero willpower. You’re about to know how to instantly change anything you want to change about yourself, so you can transform your entire life...

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What People Are Saying About Working With Rob:

Everything has changed… Just completely changed, really. I feel good about myself. I feel like I matter, and I believe that. I kept learning, I kept listening and absorbing and I kept practicing it, and I couldn’t get enough. I feel like before the program I was stuck as a person. My identity was stuck. I was this person who was unattractive and couldn’t get far because I could never amount to anything… My identity has evolved. Like I look back and I think ‘I was thinking these things. I was this person for so long.’ And I felt like I couldn’t change. I really didn’t believe that you could change your identity, but here I am.

Kosal Lee

You can literally change any part of your life if you choose to take action… It’s literally life changing. It’s a pivotal moment in my life… It really is. It’s going to change me now and it’s going to change me forever moving forward.

Paul Ratcliff

This basically opened up a new world... I’m really impressed and still cannot wrap my head around how Rob can take something very complicated, and kind of abstract, and make it very logical and easy to explain and implement. I would absolutely recommend this and I have been recommending this. And you know, you don’t have to necessarily be struggling, but if you are, I mean that’s perfect space to start from. But I want to say I would recommend this to anyone, you know even people who don’t know they could be doing much better.

Katya Rablova

If you do everything that Rob tells you to do, you’re gonna have a breakthrough. The reason why I would recommend this program because of the life transformation, the payoff. It’s not a 20 week course, it’s not 50 DVDS, it’s raw in your face… life transformation. That’s exactly what it is.

Justin Burns

I would recommend this course, this product, a thousand times over because Rob talks the talk, and walks the walk. And he is an incredible example of what we can do when we really work with ourselves, not against ourselves… When we tap into the control we have over our emotions and our thoughts.

Alexandra Covucci

The big difference is that I can literally get out of a pattern, recognize it, make a different idea about it. I’m not stuck like I used to be. I would recommend to EVERYONE to just jump in, don’t even doubt. You won’t regret this... It really changed me. I learned about all kinds of stuff but never took action... I’m taking massive action, like all the time now. It’s completely different. So very, very happy with it.

Daniel Blanchard