Identity Shifting Community Call

How To Do The First "Core Skill" of Identity Shifting...

There are a lot of parts to really mastering Identity Shifting. On this call, I'm going to dive in on the first (and maybe most important) "core skill" of how to do it.

This is a tangible way you can shift your consciousness in any moment - that will immediately change you and any problem you're facing. We will do this together live on the call, and you'll be able to use this technique immediately in your own life.

After I teach you how to do it, I'll open the call up and coach as many people as I can so you can see the same skill used in literally any context that comes up.

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Meet Your Host

Rob Scott is a Master Level Coach, and the founder of Fundamental Shift, and Identity Shifting. His mission is to end unnecessary suffering on planet earth by evolving human consciousness.

He leads by example, having overcome many personal obstacles, such as abuse, addiction, and cancer. His life was permanently transformed by a realization he calls ”The Fundamental Identity Shift.”

Since then he’s developed unique psychological tools, techniques and strategies that help people dissolve their deepest limits, and achieve more and more of their full potential. After decades of working on this, he’s honed it all down to a repeatable process that allows people to consciously edit their very identity, or “sense of self.” 

This work is massively effective and unlike anything you've heard before. It’s helped hundreds of thousands of people gain “self mastery” in a unique and powerful way.

He ultimately wants to help us all embody a universal solution to the human condition. If you feel stuck in any way, or just think there’s something more out there for you, Rob wants to help.

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This is a one time only training. It's intended to be highly valuable, enlightening, actionable, and fun! I plan on teaching for a bit, then opening up for questions and some discussion, and even some spot coaching as time allows...

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