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Mastering Mindset Series - Where Your Limits Come From

attention awareness evolve your consciousness fundamental shift identity shift identity shifting limiting beliefs mastering mindset series mindfulness personal development rob scott spirituality thinking wisdom Dec 16, 2013

Have you ever wondered why some people actually achieve their dreams while others just talk about them?

Watch this video to learn where limiting beliefs come from, and how to change them to guarantee your success.

And get in the conversation.  What limits do you see in your life?  Any questions on how to flip it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

1:14 - Your greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strengths.
2:26 - Magic fingers.
4:33 - Embarrassment/Rejection Story
5:35 - Life experiences affect behavior.
5:58 - The subconscious mind is a safety mechanism.
6:50 - Fake "life rules."
7:32 - Learned Helplessness.
9:38 - Success and failure don't define worth.
12:00 - Where do limits come from?
13:10 - Confidence to attack.
14:00 − 3 big steps to conquer limiting beliefs.
14:52 - Awareness can be curative.
17:40 - Awareness brainstorm technique.
18:35 - You can't become something you resent.
19:32 - Our ways of protecting ourselves.
24:23 - Mindset is immediate.


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